Jo Bench Jo-Anne 'Jo' Bench (1987 - )

She plays bass on all albums but not on the demos. She was asked to join Bolt Thrower when her then long-time boyfriend Gavin Ward had switched from bass guitar to guitar. She is one of the few women playing in a ultra-heavy death metal band, besides bands as Delirium, Mystic Charm, Achrosticon (all three Dutch), Runemagick (Swedish). And she is at least one of the first. She is from Leamington Spa. Jo has been a vegetarian since 1984.

Martin van Drunen Martin Van Drunen (1994 - 1997)

He was the singer since the depature of Karl in 1994 until June 1997, no recordings have been spotted, he used to sing in bands such as Submission, Pestilence, Asphyx, Death by Dawn and Comecon, also capable of playing bass guitar, but was not very good at it probably, because seemingly he has dropped it. He left Bolt Thrower because he suffered from a hair disease called Alopecia Areata that made his hair fall out. He is now singing for Asphyx again, as well as Hail of Bullets. He is from Enschede, the Netherlands.

Dave Ingram Dave Ingram (1997, 1998 - 2004)

He was standing in for one show on the 4 July 1997 in Zwickau Germany, doing the vocals. At that time, he was not ever really a member, though. It was not until Karl turned down the offer to re-join the band in 1998, he joined Bolt Thrower permanently. In 2004, he had to leave the band due to health problems - depression - , prior to recording the 8th album. Until 1998, he was the lead singer of Benediction. He also performed on three songs on the album by Warlord UK. Dave used to live in the UK, in Birmingham, but moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. His name is now Dave Bjerregaard Ingram, as he married a Danish woman in June 1998. He was the singer for the Danish band Downlord after he left Bolt Thrower and now hosts a radio show.

Martin Kearns Martin 'Kiddie' Kearns (1994 - 1997, 2000 - )

Joined the band as a drummer after Andy Whale left in 1994. He used to play in a couple of local bands of varying styles from around Coventry, including a band called Felch. But he was rather young - 17 - when he joined the band. Bolt Thrower is the first band in which he plays, it seems. His nick is 'Kiddie'. He left because of personal reasons and lack of dedication. He was rumoured to be working around in gardens. However, he returned in 2000 and did a short tour with them in 2001. His return is made permanant with the 'Honour Valour Pride' LP.

Alex Thomas Alex Thomas (1997 - 1999)

He is drumming in Bolt Thrower since 21 August 1997. He is quite young, only 19 when he joined. He is from around Birmingham. After Andy left he was actually the first choice replacement, but because of his age (16 at the time) it was not really possible. He has already left again, due to lack of interest.

He is also known as Earl Shilton. Under that name he released an album called 'Two Rooms full of Insects'. He also played drums in Groop Dogdrill.

Barry Thompson Barry 'Baz' Thompson (1986 - )

He plays lead and rhythm guitar on all albums. He co-founded the band in 1986. He is from Coventry. Baz has been a vegetarian since 1984.

Alex Tweedy (1987)

Alex played bass early on, but decided Bolt Thrower was not his thing and then Jo joined the band. Last heard of him is that he is eating fire in a circus act.

Gavin Ward Gavin Ward (1986 - )

One of the two founding members, plays lead and rhythm guitar on all albums, save Mercenary and Honour Valour Pride; there he plays solely rhythm guitar. He played bass guitar on the first demo and guitar and bass on the second demo. Before he started with Bolt Thrower he helped out the punk band the Varukers on one of their tour. He is from Leamington Spa.

Alan West (1986 - 1988)

Alan West is the first singer of the band and a friend of Barry Thompson. He appears on the first Peel session and on both demos. He left right before the recording of 'In Battle There Is No Law', due to personal reasons. He is now working as an engineer. Do not confuse him with the guitarist of Obituary and Six Feet Under whose name is Allen West.

Andy Whale Andrew 'Andy' Whale (1986 - 1994)

Plays drums on all albums until '...For Victory' and demos thusfar, but left the band after the the US tour in 1994. Because he was fed up with Bolt Thrower and thought there are other things in life to do. In addition he thought that his skills were not increasing at all anymore and searched for a different challenge: He currently fits and maintains Burglar alarms. He's from Birmingham. Before Bolt Thrower he played Drums in Drop Dead for a short while along with Mick Harris, Jim Whitely and Shane Embury, all three of Napalm Death fame. He also played in a band called Urban Chaos.

Karl Willetts Karl Willetts (1988 - 1994, 2004 - )

Karl Willetts was born on 21 September 1966. He joined the band in 1988 after Alan West had left. He sings on all albums up until 'Mercenary' but not on the first Peel session and both demos, Before that he drove the backline of Bolt Thrower. He left after the recording of '...For Victory' in 1994. Mainly because he wanted to go back to university (Birmingham University) and finish his degree in Cultural Studies and also because he felt he wanted a change in musical directions. He rejoined for the recording of Mercenary and left shortly thereafter because of lack of commitment as he was in his final year at university and about to get married. In the meantime, he has been selling insurance and having many other jobs. He resides in Solihul. Rumours existed he had returned in 2001 but these remain untrue. In fact, in November 2004, Karl Willetts did return to Bolt Thrower. Karl was a vegetarian, but gave up on that.

All members are of British origin except Martin Van Drunen, he is Dutch.

Other important people in the life of Bolt Thrower


He is the tour manager of the band and handles lots of stuff, including promotion and merchandising.

Digby Pearson

Frontman of Earache, also did the production for 'Realm Of Chaos'. Now considered a total piece of shit.

John Peel

British Alternative DJ for BBC radio, sort of discovered them. He did three Peel sessions with Bolt Thrower, also did sessions with other great bands such as Carcass and Napalm Death, but also some non-death metal bands. He's still doing these shows, or so it seems, for a wide variety of bands. He passed away in 2004.

Colin Richardson

The producer of most albums, namely 'War Master', 'The IVth Crusade', '...For Victory'. Also worked on 'Realm Of Chaos' as an engineer. Furthermore he works with bands such as Sinister, Carcass, Fear Factory, E.N.T. and so on. Lately seems to have become an expensive hotshot in the scene.


She handles the merchandise at tours since 1994.

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